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Friday the 24th of June 2005

5:14 AM

Offically Moved

I realized that I never actually posted that I've officially moved to my blogspot journal.  So please come join me there.  Here's the link:


T's Journey

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Saturday the 11th of June 2005

7:58 PM

It's A New Look!

Well, it's a new blog look that is.  After Lynn, Marty, Jerri  , Kat and several several others redid their blogs, I was inspired.

As you know I've been trying to learn HTML coding and set up a website.  That combined with the fact that to get blogger to do what I wanted I had to learn HTML coding rampped up the desire to change blog looks.  So I actually found a template at MizGraphics.com that I liked.  It is a little shocking at first but it soon growns on you.  I hope you find it as warm and inviting as I do.

So hop over and tell me what you think.  Just click the link below.

T's Journey


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Friday the 10th of June 2005

2:31 PM

Because I Have To Let It Out!

Damn it all to hell and back again!!

Don't you just love it when there's a million dollar error that you personally didn't make but you should have caught. . . .

This is so how I wanted my Friday afternoon to go.

Time to go face the music!

3:45 PM Editing this post to say:  I was instructed to use a spreadsheet that was incomplete, and it has since been discovered that there are additional inconsistencies in the data.  A decision has been reached that it is only a half million dollar error, which is immaterial in nature.


Don’t you wish you could say that last line?


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Friday the 10th of June 2005

1:47 PM

It's Friday!!

  • Music: The Police "The Classics"

And other than that it's payday.  A good thing.

My husband will be home all weekend.  His gig for this weekend fell through.  Which I sort of have mixed feelings over.  It means that he will be home all weekend, and it also means he'll be home all weekend.

Not that I mean that in a bad way.  I love it when he's home, but I also tend to get a lot more writing done when he's not.  That is when it's a gig I'm not going to.  Such as this one would have been.  Because I really need to get my CP's crit finished, and I'm sorry, but I can't critique those chapters with my husband standing over me saying certain words over and over and over. . .

So we'll have to find a happy compromise somewhere. Oh and did I mention that he ordered drumsticks. . .  Yep, after that long winded conversation we had several months ago about how you have to pick out each set individually to make sure you get the right feel and fit.  He ordered a case of 12.  Sight unseen.  I gave him heck over that, too.  He assures me that Vic Firth is worth the risk, because of all the other brands theirs is the best.  Tried and true I guess.

Oh, and he's also teaching me some *moves*.  He claims I'm a natural.  Except when I did that one thing and he said, "Drummer's don't do that."  Humph, this one does!

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Thursday the 9th of June 2005

8:30 PM

The Cutting Room Floor

I keep everything.  I mean everything for my stories.  For each story idea I have, I've created a folder.  And in those folders are story notes.  Snippets of scenes, dialogue, character information.  And as the story progresses so does the folder.  It becomes bigger and with much more detail.  Each version of the manuscript is saved.  But also in this folder is the cutting room floor so to speak.

It's where all the cut scenes are kept with file names that depict exactly what the scenes are.  For example:  Adam_wants_to_Kiss, Four_Leaf_Clover, Car_Scene.

Each of these were at one time scenes from one of my manuscripts.  They are all now on the cutting room floor.  But I thought it might be fun to share a couple with you.  WARNING:  These are all from the first draft and have not been edited:

This one is called Part_Of_The_Promise:

The events of that day were still fresh in Adam’s mind as if they’d happened last week instead of seven years ago.

He’d drove Eve home in that beat up old jeep of hers.  Upon their arrival Amy sent Eve straight to her room to change into dry clothes and then ushered Adam into the study.  It was then she asked him to do the hardest thing he would ever have to do.

It’s for her that I ask this.

She had been right.  Adam knew it as well now as he had then.

And this is from Four_Leaf_Clover:

Reaching into his jacket pocket, he pulled a tiny box out and placed it in the center of the table, then cleared his throat.

She looked up and asked,  “What’s this?”

“Open it and find out.”

Her eyes locked with his for a moment before she lifted the lid. "Where did you find this?”

Adam laughed.  “Where do you think?”

Her reaction was more than he had bargained for.  She was practically glowing as she gently lifted the four-leaf clover out of the box.

“I thought you could use a little luck.”

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